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AHHHHH It’s PAX time!!!

I’m ecstatic to be back in Seattle for what I consider my favorite holiday. I’m writing this from a hotel room on Day 0, and though I’ve only been in town for a few short hours, I’m already having an amazing time. Sharing this enormous FOUR DAY party together with incredible people is all I could ever hope for. 

If you’re hoping to meet up with me, I’ll be at Bandland with all the other “Strippers” every day of the show. I don’t have a definite time that I’ll be in yet, but if you want in on my latest, make sure to follow me on twitter like the rest of the cool kids. I’ll be sure to tweet when I’ll be there signin’ stuff, meetin’ people and sellin’ merch. “What merch?” you ask? Lemme break it down for ya:

First up, I have a pair of pins from my first webcomic, *Brother* on sale. Let me tell ya, if you’re looking for a way to cement a bond with a brother, sister, friend or other person, these pins are guaranteed* to work. Or just keep em for yourself. That’s cool too.  

The next thing I have is a lovely print of my new Strip Search family. It measures 13” x 19” and would look incredible with some signatures hanging on your wall. That ish is cavity-sweet, my friend… If I do say so myself.

One last thing: Make sure you get in on our TWO HOUR long reunion show on Sunday at 3:30. ALL TWELVE of us “Strippers” plan on tearing the roof of the main theater, and it’ll surely be better than any other panel at PAX. So line up early, and don’t miss out!

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